News Fox 24: Switzerland treats its talents best, the Czechia has improved to 37th place

Switzerland is the best in this year’s ranking, which assesses countries’ ability to nurture, attract and retain talent. He has held the first position for four years. The Czech Republic has improved by two places and is in 37th place. The ranking was published today by the Swiss IMD Institute, with European countries at the forefront.

Switzerland invests heavily in education, and employee education is one of the employers’ priorities. This Alpine country attracts talent with a high standard of living, high earning opportunities, and an efficient health system.

In second place is Sweden, which, in addition to a highly qualified workforce, offers investors senior managers with international experience. The third position was occupied by Luxembourg, which has the highest investment in education per student.

In the top ten are mostly small and medium-sized European countries, which combine high investment in education with a high quality of life. It can keep domestic talents in the country and, moreover, attract foreign talents. Norway is in fourth place and Denmark in fifth place indicates a strong position of the Scandinavian countries in the talent ranking. Austria (6th) is in the top five, followed by Iceland (7th), Finland (8th), and the Netherlands (9th). Germany closes the top ten of the ranking (10th).

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