Remonews: Prague once again offended in the ranking of smart cities, ranks 78th

For the second consecutive year, Prague has dropped drastically in the global ranking of so-called smart cities, compiled by the Swiss IMD Institute and the University of Technology and Design of Singapore (SUTD) based on opinion polls among the population of 118 world capitals.

Prague is now in 78th place, while last year it was in 44th and the year before even in 19th place. This year the Czech capital was overtaken by, for example, Warsaw, Moscow, and Beijing.

In addition to the technological and economic criteria, the so-called Smart City Index also evaluates the quality of life, including health and safety, education, transport, and leisure. “At the same time, Prague was offended by the relatively high rating in the first year of the ranking due to the authors starting to consider some new categories, such as traffic jam awareness and housing availability,” said Kryštof Kruliš of the non-profit organization Consumer Forum with the Swiss IMD Institute.

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